On Video Game Reviews

Bethesda have caused a bit of a stir by announcing they will not longer be releasing review copies until they day before the official release. It also appears like EA has decided to be more discerning about who it gives review copies too. It's all too easy to lay the

Computer Role Playing Games Are Too Long

The Witcher 3 isn't long out so it's not surprising that this topic is doing the blog/forum tour, again. This is what people moaning about this aspect of computer RPGs sound like: If you start a marathon then you should be entitled to finish it even if you don't

Modern Computer Game Lingo

I thought I'd do some translation of modern computer game lingo for you. No Hand-holding - Developers are too lazy or cheap to write a user guide or tutorial level. Survival Game - Developers have no talent for writing plot, dialogue or characters. Online Multiplayer Survival Game - Game for

My Highlights of E3 2015

I've been dipping in and out of E3 because much of what was being announced doesn't interest me. For example I'm not American and didn't have a Nintendo as a kid so I couldn't give a bat-winged, flying monkey-fuck about Japanese games. I've also recently dumped the PS4 and Xbox