On Video Game Reviews

Bethesda have caused a bit of a stir by announcing they will not longer be releasing review copies until they day before the official release. It also appears like EA has decided to be more discerning about who it gives review copies too. It's all too easy to lay the

Wales Comic Con Part 1 2016 Calendar

For anyone going to Wales Comic Con, here is a Google calendar as a schedule. It currently has who is signing what days and the talks. I plan to add the photo shoot schedule too, when/if it becomes available. iCal Link [EDIT] Photo shoot schedule now added. NB: Photo

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review (spoilers)

Off the bat (pun intended) I'm going to say this is not a great film. While it has it's moments (I've got some mileage out of Amy Adams in the bath already) it has a raft of problems. The internet's freak out over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman/Wayne

Captain Kibble's Fantastic Chili

Here is my "perfected" Chili Recipe. I would say it's medium heat but some might find it hot. It's not cheap because of the sirloin but poorer people can substitute minced beef. It serves 2 fatties or 4 normal people. I'll get 3 meals out of it so I'm somewhere

Do you know how I know it wasn't a ghost?

You know that thing you saw this Halloween and thought it was a ghost? Maybe it was on Most Haunted Live? Do you know how I know it wasn't a ghost? Because Ghosts don't exist! Every instance of ghostly phenomena I have looked into (I used to be interested in